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Krynica Drake


United States

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Currently, our district is in the heart of the south. We are known as the "Hollywood of the South" as well as the "Technology Hub of the South" The possibilities are abundant for some of our students within the Metro Atlanta but most students of color are not afforded the opportunities to break the cycles of poverty within their communities. Partnerships are prevalent throughout our schools but many times, they are one sided. Schools receive generic benefits that provide initial support each year such as food, clothing and other basic necessities. There is not a promise for long term support to encourage success beyond the basics. The challenge within our low income communities of color give bandages to a flood of untapped potential. Educators of students of color are provided with equity and SEL training but these do not support the long term success of our students. Empowering our young people of color with the bridge between their future aspirations and their present reality remains an unmet need.

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