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Kimberly Lane Clark


Cedar Hill, TX, USA

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There is a lack of women of who are represented in STEM and CS fields. By 2020, 60% of STEM jobs will be focused on computing however who will fill these jobs? To this day 74% of middle school girls are actually interested in STEM and CS fields but only 0.4 % actually major in these fields. Although this is a somber statistic what is far more worse is that underrepresented populations such as African American and Hispanics are lower on the totem pole. As an African American woman, I am especially passionate about because this challenge because growing up I didn't see any mentors who looked like me. I didn't have any opportunities at school to give me encouragement and knowledge of careers. The opportunities do not present themselves in low socioeconomic areas where students can hear from mentors, gain internships, have space to explore more about stem/cs fields.

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