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Kervy Cammagay


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I am an alumnus of the high school where I am currently teaching. I remember whenever we do performance tasks in our technical-vocational (TechVoc) and livelihood class 12 years ago, our teachers will make the most of available resources to teach us the necessary skills despite the limited materials that a public school has. When I became a teacher in 2019, I noticed that the methods and strategies of our teachers are still conventional even if there are technological tools already available. Because of this, this new generation of learners are hardly engaged in learning the skill and they are limited based on how the teacher will demonstrate it. Teachers cannot unleash the full potential of the learners because other methods are not maximized. Although learning by doing is still the most effective way of learning, these methods are no longer enough to the way this new generation of learners learn and perform. Online distance learning proved that it is possible to use technological tools both in academic and TechVoc subjects. However, most of the research and solutions being provided focuses on academic subjects only. It is rare to find technological tools and resources that the teachers can use to boost their confidence and enhance their pedagogical skills that will result in having meaningful learning experiences in school and to further strengthen the skills of the learners on different TechVoc and livelihood subjects. I want to challenge myself how we can continue utilizing and maximizing the existing technological tools knowing that both teachers and students have experienced using technological tools in learning TechVoc and livelihood skills during online distance learning.

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