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Jung Hun Jo


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Let's talk about my innovative challenge. “How can I use Google tools to raise and maintain students’ interest and attention in class, which has been lowered by classes using Google tools?” My innovation challenge may sound strange, but I think you will be able to relate to some extent when you hear my next story. Since 2018, I have been conducting edutech lessons using smartphones, tablet PCs, and Google Classroom. I was able to significantly increase the interest of students through collaboration and sharing, so I was able to get more effective class results than simple lecture-style classes. However, the problem here is that as time goes by, students can see that their interest gradually decreases as they get used to these classes using Google Classroom and Edutech. In the beginning, students participated in the class with great interest because it was a class that they had not seen in other classes before, but gradually their interest decreased and they were often seen secretly using games, news, and SNS with tablet PCs without the teacher's knowledge. I am curious as to why this problem occurred even though there is no problem in the student's home or psychology. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even worse in online classes using Google Meet, not classroom classes. Although the students are listening to the class with the camera turned on, it seems that the interest and concentration in the class are lower than in the classroom because it is not a classroom environment.

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