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June Maog


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The challenge that I am currently experiencing in education is how teachers, regardless of experience, will be able to transform their materials which were created for face to face situations into engaging and interesting materials for students especially in online distance learning in this time of the pandemic. Educators have been used to conducting actual lectures in front of the students, some even without presentation slides. Tasks were given using the traditional pen and paper method. This has been the practice for many years and teachers have been accustomed to bringing home lots of paperwork to check. However, starting from the early months of the pandemic, teachers have quickly realized that the traditional way of lesson delivery and giving assessments needed an upgrade really quick; and the only way to do that is with the use of technology. A lot of teachers scrambled to transform their repository of materials into online ones, some being successful while a good number have struggled and continue to struggle. In this age of online distance learning where teachers mostly face a class composed of immovable profile images, having a collection of interactive, creative, engaging and fun materials is definitely an excellent way to keep students on task and on the same page. But with the abundance of online applications and software for teachers, it can get quite overwhelming. So teachers continue to struggle and just hope and pray that their students have learned at least something after every online class.

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