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Jukka Lehtoranta


Lappeenranta, Finland

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I’m very concerned about children’s wellbeing and growing amount of physical and mental problems. Overall wellbeing in Finland is raising but polarization is increasing. Wellbeing is the most important base of learning, you can't learn well if you don't feel well. Last year 28 percent of 15-year-old boys in Finland can’t straighten their backs and 16 percent of boys can’t do one proper squat. That's alarming. I want find ways to support children’s wellbeing and I want build solution that offers simply ways to show their wellbeing’s current state and how theirs decisions effects their future. Wellbeing data and analytics is very potential way to support children’s awareness of health and raise their health education literacy skills, which are most important skills. Everybody should get best tools available to know and raise their current wellbeing.

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