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Juhyun Yun


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Nowadays students made problem after school. It is a kind of school bullying in Korea. When their parents came and said sorry instead of their kids. They are working all day, and said their kids just has poor parents, cann't go to Hakwon a privit school in Korea. They are lonely, so they come outside, and go here and there. But it is very danger not only school buiiying, but also criminal. We have good neighbor public daycare center from 3years ago. All of that litte students go to there and it care them untill 7pm. But students don't want stay there. They say it is boring and have to just read a book all day. My daughters go to there, too. They have many good programs in there. After 3pm., only several students stay there, teachers playing and careing each kid. But it is just start institut, parents have no idea about it. They only heard from there kids and shared when special day. First of all almost students in the daycare center is youngers. They are 6-9 years old. So school have to connect to the daycare center for safty during across the road, online class, vacation ect. It is very hard. School and the daycare center are differnt institut. We don't have to share school schedule with the daycare center, but it is necesasry. We have same students. Parents-School-daycare center have to know thier students. The kids have to take care of somebody. we have to find the best way to effective and simple sharing information system.

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