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Judy Meier


United States

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My challenge is how to find time to incorporate STEM education into our district’s current curriculum so students can experience STEM at the elementary school level. My passion in my library is the MakerSpace/STEM area and I’ve worked tirelessly on grant proposals and donations to create a space that has amazing resources but there is no time to use them. The MakerSpace has tools for building and engineering, science materials for circuits and simple machines, a variety of coding robots that are made for k-5 students and much more. It’s just a wonderful space waiting for the opportunity to be integrated into classroom instruction for students to have STEM experiences. Even though I’ve created an amazing MakerSpace, I have such limited time with students, only 30 minutes a week per class, so my focus is on library standards and book circulation. During the 30 minutes, we share our love of books and students check out books but we don’t have time for STEM education. My challenge is finding opportunities to fit STEM education into the school day using my library’s MakerSpace materials and technology. Classroom teachers have specific curriculum and assessments that are taking more and more time to assess, limiting opportunities for exploration and play with STEM and MakerSpace materials. But, our students need to experience STEM learning and the design process that goes along with being digitally literate and successful with STEM learning. STEM careers are found in so many areas of employment and post-secondary education and building a foundation at the elementary level with these skills can build student interest and knowledge in these fields. I would love the opportunity to work with the Google Innovator community to explore ideas for this challenge.

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