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Juan Vicente Rosuello


Muntinlupa City, Philippines

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The challenge that I currently experience with is my own (and probably my co-teachers in the Math unit) implementation of blended learning. In our school, we have a school-wide program called Next Generation Blended Learning (NxGBL as the school has dubbed it). In the previous school years, I have made use of technology quite fairly in my classroom instruction. A lot of this was just merely for presentation. I also have made use of tech to ask my students to present. We also have done a few activities with tech. However, the farthest I have gone in the SAMR model is probably Modification only. The challenge for me, therefore, is to be able to reach the Redefinition. I believe this challenge matters because maintaining a meaningful blended learning environment (and coming up with authentic tasks) is one of today's teachers' duties for the generation of learners that we handle.

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