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Juan O'Shea


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Interesting Challenge: Our EdTech committee has identified Adult Learning as a high priority focus for the school. We have set a 3 year target improve adult learning in the school. We have two strategies, which are: 1. Bringing all sub-schools (from Early Years to High School) to co-ordinate EdTech Adult Learning 2. Improved recognition of EdTech accreditation 1. Has started well, sub-schools are collaborating with each other and we have begun to develop some long term training plans (see below) Number 2 is tricky, I want to improve recognition for EdTech accreditation for the staff across the school. I can't possibly chase up 500 staff to maintain EtTech accreditation throughout the year. I need to make a system that does that for us. Therefore, my goal is to create a system/s that help Improved recognition of EdTech accreditation

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