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Juan Jobelle Acosta


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The COVID-19 Pandemic is considered a catastrophic change in our daily lives and makes humanity suffer in all aspects. This includes the closure of different schools across the globe, which pushes schools to adopt distance learning as a solution to continue the teaching-learning process. On the bright side, this pandemic motivates teachers to reinforce the use of technology inside the classroom and provide opportunities for teachers to attend free professional development courses and webinars. Indeed, this pandemic is a blessing in disguise for teachers. Our school provided us with overwhelming support in our need to deliver this type of modality, LMS was purchased, a subscription to Google workspace was made available, internet connectivity was boosted, and a partnership with PD providers was accepted.  Although support was given, I encountered teachers, particularly the tenured and seasoned ones, who are still reluctant to recognize how impactful technology is to our students. These teachers attend webinars related to technology but their application inside the classroom was not conducted. These seasoned teachers (teaching for a decade) always view using technology as an intricate task and believe that technology is only for younger teachers. Ironically, they support 21st-century learning but still become complacent in delivering lessons using traditional practices.  This mindset affects the learners directly. The learners are still exposed to teacher-centered approaches and are unable to have an opportunity to hone their 21st-century skills under the subjects of these reluctant teachers. Thus, without addressing these challenges, the educative process will still be imprisoned in the outdated and substandard practice and delivery of quality education.

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