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Joseph Gabriel Educado


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The challenge that I want to tackle head-on would be how to address the hesitancy of my co- eachers (most especially the 'senior ones) to take heart in the utilization and integration of educational technology tools in the dispensation of their duties and in their respective distance learning classes. As I have observed, most of my co-teachers are still having difficulty embracing the changes in the teaching and learning delivery brought about by the pandemic last year thus resulting in hesitancy that can also be anchored in their readiness, level of edtech proficiency, and confidence to manipulate the technology to their advantage and to their learners' benefit. This challenge matters to me due to the fact that I would want to see my co-teachers (and subsequently the teachers in our division) to abandon the idea of "just for the sake of compliance", go beyond their limitations, come out of their hesitancy shells and embrace the new and better things that technology can offer in simplifying and streamlining their work processes and elevate their game in carrying out distance learning classes. If this challenge can somehow be given an innovative and inclusive solution, I take heart that this would significantly improve our school's performance in terms of delivering its mandate of quality education despite the roadblocks and detours caused by this pandemic. More kids in our community will be reached and be inspired to study. And if, hopefully, be scaled up to the division level, more teachers can definitely upscale their confidence and proficiency in utilizing any available edtech tools for teaching and learning.

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