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Jill Broderick


Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey, UNITED KINGDOM

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I am continuously frustrated with the lack of interdisciplinary creativity in mathematics, the inaccessibility of higher level mathematics, and the resistance to progress in math education. While there are fantastic resources and research to prove the success of alternative teaching methods in math, there is still constant pushback from various administrators, parents, and even staff who fall on the excuses surrounding testing (the AP being one example). The cemented tradition of "mathematics" continues to be taught through schools as a discreet, disconnected subject with little room for creative exploration. Math should be a supplement to all subjects, with opportunities for student choice and creative outlets for learning, which would ideally removing the labeling associated with being a "math person" or not. We need more thinkers and less calculators, yet still have a one-size approach to how we "farm" our future mathematicians. This needs to change.

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