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Jessica Holloway


United States

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I can't count the number of times I've heard teachers say, "I'm just a teacher." This mindset that somehow they have less value or expertise as a teacher is widespread. Too often educators equate expertise with titles. The opposite is true. Teachers have knowledge and experience that educators with titles often don’t have since they likely do not have a direct impact on student learning. This is also extended to students who are positioned as learners at school and not experts. Their voice is often limited to their peers and sometimes it reaches their school community. Rarely do students get an opportunity to speak to a broader audience. I find that students are often hesitant and shocked when I ask for their opinions or ask them to share their ideas with members of the community. Few educators get time at a microphone or podium to share their voices. However, most educators and students lack the confidence to stand up, take the microphone, and share their voices.

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