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Jeonghwan Park


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I think the most important thing for teachers to do is to study well. In addition, I think it is important for teachers to understand the level of students, select appropriate media, make class hours fruitful, analyze their achievements and give feedback. But in fact, provide school education activities, other than the class has more time for work. Goods for students, select a school and educational activities promoting a variety of data on student work, work documenting. Through K-Edufine, which is currently operating as a tool for school work in Korea, teachers are writing official documents and processing their work. Teachers familiar with the Google workspace point to the limitations of K-Edufine, which lacks convenience and accessibility. Teachers use Google Workspace a lot when organizing materials and drafting official documents. The functions of K-Edufine, an official document system, and the functions of Google Workspace overlap a lot. However, K-Edufine cannot be used on smartphones, so the necessary tasks cannot be handled immediately. After all, due to the conservative and rigid school system, it is difficult for teachers to secure time to work harder for their students.

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