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Jenny Leung


Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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I have been a trainer for some years. Giving sharing/talk/seminar/ workshops is no longer a new practice to me or to any other experienced trainers in Hong Kong. Compare to a few years ago, teachers in Hong Kong are more ready to adopt the use of technology in their classrooms. So attending any forms of professional development is common to Hong Kong teachers. But the more I provide PD training to teachers, there's an interesting observation that I have got. There is a group of teachers who are active, passionate and are willing to learn. They attend most workshops available, even some re-run ones. No matter how many workshops they attend, seemingly they may not be able to fully understand what has been taught; seemingly the knowledge cannot be internalised and applied in their own context. This is a serious issue for several reasons. Number one, supposedly teachers attend workshops to learn things to bring back to their own classrooms. If the knowledge cannot be applied, the effort in learning is waster. Number two, if they have to attend workshops again and again to help them construct knowledge, there opportunities for others or the less active ones are smaller. Last but not least, instead of just traning teacehrs to use the tools, it is more imporatnt to train the trainers. I always hope that teachers who are active, passionate, energetic can become trainers one day to help spread ideas and knowledge. But if they cannot handle the knowledge themselves, how can they become the trainers? Therefore, I start to question: What is the obstacle there? Is it the problem of the speakers, the format of the PD training, or the participants? Therefore, I would like to figure out how to tackle this issue.

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