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Iulius Andrei Carebia


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We are always talking about transformation in education, digitalization, and innovation. But how can we define our goals, combine these progressive ideas and achieve something? I think we need to start with the word 'Data'. In order to transform education, to use the learning technologies effectively, we need to have data to support our journey. In an ideal world, data will help everybody by seeing students' progress, tracking learning, analyzing skills and capabilities and providing customized professional development opportunities for the staff. The future is based on Data. I want to find innovative ways to improve academic and behavioral outcomes at the individual, class, grade, and school levels. I want to see what benefits can a data-driven school provide, and ultimately to transform education. It is very hard for schools to be able to make data-informed decisions that can optimize how funds are spent, how students receive resources, and how teachers are being given resources. What do we want our students to learn? How do we know if they’re learning or if they’re not learning? Data ensures that insights are accurate and actionable, and in turn, empowers teachers to be more agile in their instruction and to increase students’ ownership of their work. What options, tools and strategies should I use to transform education with the help of Data?

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