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Imtiyaz Ahmed


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As I belong to a very small village of India, therefore I know the parents mentality and their interest towards the education of their children. The parents are least bothered for the same because many of them do not have proper resources, right information and sometimes they need to leave their hometowns In the search of new employment, due to which children have to suffer in their education and sometimes they have to leave their study in the middle of an academic session. Integrating technology in government schools in India is quite challenging, as students belong to very poor families who can not have all the resources to make it possible, and then after teachers basically work according the government orders. so they don't even try things by their own but there are a few teachers who can help and support the others and can inspire them to get into. Once I had invited many educators to join GEG sessions to know about our programs but many of them did not join. Later when I had interaction with them they told me about the issues that Parents are least bothered due to lack of sufficient equipment or unstable employment. So main challenge is to reach out maximum number of people, educators and students through some effective way. every child has the right to education but due to unawareness of new teaching systems they do not get it. There are many reasons like Government does not take strong step, and somehow if they it then educators are well trained or they do not take seriously.

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