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Ian Vosser


Stirling, Scotland

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How do we get digitally literate and engaged learners to connect and identify with their learning community’s vision, values and aims? How does the organisational vision, values and aims impact the learning experience and the learners’ futures? There is a host of school leadership literature, case studies and many successful learning communities across the world. I want to understand and share the key ingredients, which are essential in shaping a digitally engaged community, to help bring education institutions, like mine, into the future. We have undertaken a process of digital transformation but our vision, values and aims remain untouched and no longer fully represent our mission. Having young people engaged in a thriving and vibrant learning community undoubtedly prepares them for their futures, in jobs, that may not currently exist. The strengthen of vision, values and aims underpinning our learning communities is critical to creating successful individuals of the future.

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