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Hyojin Jun


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As students cannot go to school because of COVID-19, There are many changes in education. Teachers constantly strive for effective on-offline blended learning to overcome the constraints of time and space. They set up online platforms like Google Classroom and allow students to collaborate or give and receive feedback online. They actively participate in teacher training to use various edutech tools in teaching and evaluation. In addition, the school takes preventive measures for the safety of students who come to school, such as measuring body temperature and maintaining distance. But unfortunately, as remote learning continues for the second year due to COVID-19, parents are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of their children's classes and how teachers evaluate students. This situation is because the process and results of teachers' efforts are not sufficiently known to parents. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, many educational methods are being converted online. But they don't know what their children do in front of a computer because class works are only shared between teachers and students for portrait rights and copyrights. Teachers can send weekly report emails for parents in Google Classroom, but they don't include children's accomplishments or participation in the task or activity. Even as a teacher, I receive notifications from the school about my son's achievements twice or four times a year, but the content is so comprehensive and concise that I can't figure out what my child is doing or what I can help. Parents, who are the main participants in education, cannot check their children's natural growth. If this situation continues, it will lower parents' trust in education. In addition, it will be difficult for teachers, students, and parents to cooperate closely to build a better education system.

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