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Hyewon Kim


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All the education and learning activities I received as a student forms who I am today. A combination of school education, conversations with my parents, playing with my friends, and information from various media have a great impact on what I see, hear, and feel. Analyzing the current education from the point of view of an educator who has been teaching for 10 about years, it is surprising that the content and teaching methods 30 years ago are not very different from those of today. If so, the current generation is going through a learning process that is not very different from me, and it raises the following two problems. There is a risk of generalizing the false belief that the acquisition of large amounts of knowledge leads to greater achievement, and that it is linked to personal well-being. Young generation has easily access to digital information and if the learning environment permits, they can experience high-quality content regardless of physical distance. However, if we think about it deeply, learners have little chance of thinking about the connection between where the learning process eventually leads to and how it relates to the lives of individuals, the lives of those around us. What are you learning? Why do you have to do this? How can you relate the present progress to your future? There is very little education that can really answer these questions. Second, it's difficult to identify problems we are facing now because we only follow the process of knowledge given linearly without thinking. The thing is that after a day like this, a year has passed, and when it's time to graduate from school, we can perform our respective functions, but it's hard to figure out what all it means to me or how it will help others.

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