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Hoi Ki Lam


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Teachers are educating our next generation, some teachers insist on their teaching methods like traditional methods of using blackboard and doing paper work. In blended learning because of covid 19, some schools adopt a policy that is record video to board cast at the very beginning as it's difficult for teachers to learn new technology online for e-learning. After half years when covid 19 remains serious, teachers are forced to learn some technique of e-learning of using google meet and classroom. However, when covid 19 is under control and students are back to school, teachers get back to the traditional methods of using blackboard and collecting paper work from students. It's always said that teachers in Hong Kong cannot learn from changes and make changes when they needs to. When technology is not necessary , not as important enough as other subjects, they are not well educated for teachers. Teachers in Hong Kong mainly responsible for heavy administration work and teaching work in daily life, they seldom have time to do professional training. Teachers are from different subjects and they usually think that technology is not their concern. Also , for IT teacher, the motivation for updating technology skill is not as high as expected. This may be due to subject content is not usually up to date and they have fewer motivation to update their skills as a result. To conclude, teachers in Hong Kong have low self motivation to learn technology in e-learning. It's seems that they don't understand why we need to update ourselves. If teachers in Hong Kong is not get used to update the technology skill level to do e-learning , there will be a great gap between secondary school and university for technology level of students.

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