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Hema Dhingra


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Problem : How Might We create an ecosystem to empower students with varied learning disabilities using Google Workspace and Artificial Intelligence ? I have been struggling with the challenge of teaching students with various learning disabilities each year. The central purpose of technology in special education is to enable students to learn in a way that accommodates their individual learning styles and limitations. Special needs students learn in different ways and at different paces than non-special needs students. Teachers may not only need to assist students with course materials and instruct students at different rates, but also help them physically if they suffer from mobility impairments or other physical limitations. Because the needs of these students can vary, they tend to thrive when they have a personalized learning program that addresses their individual challenges so they can learn at the pace that best suits them. Assistive technologies help students with special needs to learn to do tasks related to study and daily life. It can help the student learn how to complete the task and it can help to bypass an area of difficulty. Technology can be a great equalizer for individuals with disabilities that might prevent full participation in school, work, and the community. This is most evident in the case of individuals with mobility, hearing, or vision impairments, but is also true for individuals with limitations in cognition and perception. Engaging students across needs and learning styles to help every student learn, be inspired, and achieve their full potential is what is the need of the hour. They deserve to be happy in the classrooms and feel valued members of the school community.

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