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Hee Yeong Jang



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In elementary school, almost all subjects are taught by homeroom teacher, so his competence and philosophy have a greater impact on students' growth than in secondary schools. The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of teachers' digital skills, and the gap between teachers' skills has become too wide. What's worse is that the skills of homeroom teachers can lead to gaps in students' digital and AI skills. The 2022 revised curriculum in South Korea identifies language, math, and digital literacy as the basic skills for learning. As a public education teacher, I believe that students have the right to equal digital competency education as much as they have the right to equal education We've already seen that edtech apps have explosively increased, and that generative AI is entering the classroom. How can we upskill teachers' digital competencies when the pace of change in the world is outpacing the growth of teachers’ competence?

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