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Approximately 1.5 billion students were shut out of their classrooms during Covid-19. Like other schools worldwide, The French School I teach in, also started with distance learning options for students to ensure continuity and help parents and teachers access remote education resources and support during quarantine. Soon our school started in person. However, many parents were still hesitant and concerned about sending their children to school. A discussion broke out in our teachers' room, with everyone concerned about pupils skipping school. Their schoolwork suffered greatly. So our teachers adopted Hybrid Learning, which was the next phase. The real challenge was set to begin. The teachers were not ready for this transition. They lacked essential tools and training. The majority of them were having difficulty using technology. They had little or no expertise in gaming websites and the play way method of teaching. Therefore they were losing students' interest and facing student disengagement. They were all feeling powerless and in desperate need of quick advice. With the 'No kid left behind' principle, we must involve all pupils in our curriculum at the French school. What I observed from my conversations with teachers is that instructors want to use EdTech technologies to aid children but are averse to investing extra time. They would like to include all of their pupils in the French system, even if they are unqualified to teach in a hybrid manner. We live in an unpredictable world where schools may be forced to close due to a covid-like situation, and we must be prepared. I would like to have my French School be recognized as the hub of Hybrid Teaching. My challenge is to reimagine the role of teacher intervention and participation in Professional Development, as well as digitizing our teachers with easily assessable tools and cost-effective methods.

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