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Fiona Law


United Kingdom

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One major challenge teachers face is burnout which the World Health Organisation classifies not as a medical condition but as an occupational phenomenon. There is a recognised group of symptoms associated with this syndrome, which are broadly categorised as mental and physical exhaustion. This stems from a combination of factors including high workload, lack of time and a huge number of competing responsibilities. Teachers juggle lesson planning, teaching, grading, administrative tasks, and often emotional support for students. Large class sizes and limited resources can make it difficult to give each student the individualised attention they might need. Standardised testing can narrow the curriculum and create stress for both teachers and students. Burnout matters because it can lead to high teacher turnover, impacting the quality of education students receive. It can also affect teachers' well-being and mental health. When teachers are burnt out, they may struggle to be calm, patient, creative, and passionate - all qualities that contribute to effective teaching.

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