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Elizabeth Voci


United States

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This challenge blends my two worlds, elementary teacher and teacher trainer, and is without a doubt the biggest challenge I’ve encountered: How can we prepare students in grades K-5 to live in a world with artificial intelligence? **I’m sure this is everyone’s challenge, but hear me out… Focus Questions: What are healthy digital habits in a world with AI? What are safe, ethical, and effective research skills in a world with AI? What training and practice do teachers need to model healthy digital habits? Can a vertical curriculum be created to teach, practice, and assess topics surrounding digital citizenship in a world of AI in grades K-5? What social emotional skills will students need to be a responsible digital citizen in an AI integrated digital world? Can we use AI to provide safe and ethical resources for students that they can access independently? These questions keep me up at night. I’m a creative problem-solver, and I have not been able to solve this problem. It's just too big, or is it?. Even before the rise of AI, I was concerned that we were not fully providing our students with the foundational skills and knowledge to be safe and ethical digital citizens. Unfortunately, many of our teachers (even “techy” teachers) practice and model unsafe and unethical digital habits in the classroom and on social media. AI has put a spotlight on the subject, and it’s time to do something about it. The Google Innovator program would provide me with the network and resources to move in the right direction to support teachers across the country and 500 kiddos in my school as we strive to be safe and responsible digital citizens in a world of AI.

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