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Eamonn Coleman


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As a school that was established many years ago, many of the teachers and leaders in the school have seen technology enter the classroom but struggle with creating new and innovative ways to engage with students. They were unsure about how to leverage the power of technology to transform and innovate learning. Teachers and leaderships have also not prioritised professional development in educational technology and with the turn to at-home learning, they have come to develop an understanding of the importance of embedding technology to engage and redefine the possibilities for learning. Once the pandemic hit and we moved to at-home learning, these teachers felt like they were thrown into into an environment with tools that they did not understand and with students who they feel have more digital knowledge and skills than them. Teachers directly substituted technology into activities without looking at the possibility of modifying or redefining these tasks. Having talked to my colleague George, I realised that these teachers are not reluctant to use technology because they don’t want to, rather they are overwhelmed with all the tools and options that are being made available. They suffer from analysis paralysis when confronted with all of these options and are fearful of making the wrong choice.

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