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School chronic absenteeism and truancy are serious problems among students. Students with school attendance problems report lower academic efficacy, poorer academic performances, more anxiety, more symptoms of depression, and less self-esteem. School administrators faced the problem of absenteeism among the students and the reason behind it. Teachers frequently face a conundrum since a small percentage of parents fail to notify them when their child is missing from class. Among the causes of truancy students that have been identified is a lack of interest in teaching and learning at school. This situation may be caused by the content of our syllabus which focuses a lot on subjects that require students to memorize such as history and geography. In addition, students are also less interested because they may not be able to follow the lessons perfectly because they fall behind due to their own weaknesses. This reason is also the cause of many cases of truancy among weak students when compared to bright students. Students like this usually give up easily. Most of them come to school simply because their parents want them to. Lastly finding, the best solution to address the problem is my top priority.

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