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Donna Golightly


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Firstly, focusing on one challenge wasn’t easy. The world today provides many challenges - but in this covid era, one thing has really risen to the top for me - young learners with Chromebooks. I am constantly experiencing teachers pushing back, telling me that their young learners can’t use Chromebooks because they are ‘too hard’. When I ask them to unpack this for me and explain a little more about what they are thinking I hear similar stories across the board: *it takes too long to log them in *they are so slow at typing *they can’t manage the trackpad I have managed to get a few of these teachers to let me model for them how they might work through this process with their littlies and they have all been astounded at how it can actually be done - but they don’t feel confident to do it themselves. And once they have got their littlies in and working they feel they simply don’t have the skills to use the Chromebooks meaningfully. So how do we provide opportunities for these young learners to develop the skills they need and encourage these reluctant teachers to allow their students the opportunities they need? And how do we develop the independent skills younger learners need in these times of continuous remote learning?

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