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Devin Rossiter


Bakersfield, CA

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A significant share of our forward-moving classrooms are going dark. Faced with the imposing costs of replacing projector bulbs or investing in modern backlit interactive displays, many educators have surrendered their well-lit learning environments in the name of making their front boards more visible. Weak bulbs and diminished wattage are blamed by teachers as the reason why windows have been covered by curtains and opaque papers. Overhead fluorescent lighting is enough to overpower the content teachers wish to share with students. Even in classrooms with 1:1 device access, much of the environment is pointed to the front of the class leading to a dependency on this one piece of the room to function, meaning that research correlating classroom achievement and culture with natural light levels falls to the wayside for the sake of a short-term solution that becomes a long-term imposition.

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