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Debora Ruocco


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My challenge is related to innovative teaching within primary school in Italy. From my almost twenty-year experience, I realized that many teachers, even the youngest, are afraid of the new technologies used every day. I often found myself having to discuss with colleagues who did not even want to think about using the computer every day in the classroom despite having an excellent endowment from the school. For this reason my challenge is precisely to be able to make these colleagues understand how much digital tools are useful to make our teaching more interesting and captivating and to make sure that students are really at the center of our teaching. The challenge therefore is to try to find a way to really make these colleagues understand how functional the use of digital tools is and in the specific case of Google workspace within our daily teaching and how much students at least in my experience have been enthusiastic and satisfied with their path also thanks to these tools. After the pandemic period, surely all the schools in Italy have adopted the tools to be able to activate innovative teaching. Now the problem is how to make sure that it is not simply a transfer from traditional teaching to computer teaching but that it is really a teaching that starts from the student and this is certainly not new in recent years. I'd also like to show how the authors of the past talked about the same things: learning by doing and cooperative learning and how satisfying it is for both teachers and students to work like this.

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