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Darryl Legaspi


Houston, Texas, USA

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The challenge I am currently experiencing in education is the lack of "quality" collaboration and support that promotes innovation across teams. Silos, secluded PLC's, and teacher isolation are contributing factors. Teachers rarely have the opportunity or the willingness to collaborate outside their team. Isolation becomes the poison of innovation especially if a teacher is stuck with members of a team who are stagnant in their teaching. Those who want to innovate but are lacking confidence are easily influenced by those who truly fear change. As a media specialist I've attempted to employ pineapple charts and coffee edus to promote cross curricular conversations, but still don't have the buy in I'm satisfied with. I'm seeking an innovative way to promote positive conversations that would shift the culture. An empathic learning community is necessary to change the culture that will spark one's passion to improve student learning through innovation.

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