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Daniel Spada



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One of the biggest challenges my students currently face is online bullying. This has been an issue for many years, and while some “solutions” have been proposed, nothing has been done to stop this or even slow it down. Having a YouTube Channel with my son that has over 7,400 subscribers and over 600,000 views I have seen the mean, cruel, and hateful things people say to an 8-year-old, and I’ve seen what students have said to each other in my schools. While educators may teach students about online bullying and provide them with techniques to avoid it, these kids are all alone when they’re online and simply can’t just turn off the emotions they feel when people are mean to them. It makes it even worse when they have to come into school the next day, see these people, and know that when they are home, away from their teachers and out of their parents’ sight, there is nobody to protect them from the cruelty that awaits them online.

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