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Clare Willemse


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In my current role as a Creative Arts teacher and Learning Technologies Support Teacher (LTST) for my school, I am always thinking of ways that I can deliver my creative arts lessons in a modern way with the use of technology. In my Creative Arts lessons I teach Drama, Dance and Music across the school throughout the school year. Creative Arts is such a huge passion of mine, as well as technology, as I believe it allows students to shine and show a side of themselves they aren't necessarily confident to share. In this current remote learning environment in Sydney, Australia, sadly, I am unable to teach Creative Arts to the school as I usually would. I teach Creative Arts as a RFF (Release from face-to-face teaching) for the staff. So this is not needed during remote learning, as the focus is just on work set by the class teachers. As a result, I am focusing on IT support for the school in my other role. In order to stay connected and as a motivational tool for the students while in lockdown I am trying to share ideas with them to work on at home through our Google Classroom pages for our school rockband and choir. Sadly, I have not had many responses as I feel the students are already overwhelmed and exhausted with online learning requirements for their classes. My problem therefore is - How can we allow students to express themselves creatively and effectively through technology? The students who are shy, reluctant learners. The students who have talents for creative arts but are struggling to share this online. Or the students who, like my son, have disabilities like autism, and don't have a voice. How can they share their unique gifts and talents through the use of technology?

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