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Chung-ju Yeh


Taipei, Taiwan

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Schools in Taiwan have been receiving huge funds for integration of technology into their classrooms. However, most teachers do not have the needed theories and strategies to put the technology and devices into the best use, which results in a practice that focuses more on trial-and-error methods and classroom management, at the mercy of deeper learning. When one observes the ed tech use in a classroom, one often has the impression that there are a lot of games and competitions to keep students superficially engaged, but not much deep learning and thinking, which technology has true potential to bring about. However, my belief is that deeper learning is the essence of learning and should be the center of everything. My challenge is to explore systematically what the teachers think when they implement ed tech in teaching so that I can establish principles and strategies as well as provide great practices to help teachers use ed tech for more meaningful and deeper learning of their students.

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