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Christopher Maguire


Glenmore Park, NSW, Australia

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At the beginning of each school year, 80% of school-sanctioned PL afternoons are dedicated to whole school Religious Education, Literacy and Numeracy goals - amongst other compliance, WHS and community agendas. For each goal, schools list what actions students, teachers, leadership and community members will display has evidence that the goal is complete. When teachers are viewed as ‘passengers’ in multiple PL agendas established by schools, they won’t be empowered to develop the skillsets, mindsets and toolsets to ‘drive’ and sustain learning independent of school goals. Teachers have unique next steps that can potentially lay dormant if not identified, addressed and not viewed as the responsibility teacher. We focus on the development of 21st Century skills for students to prepare them for a future of continuous change whilst neglecting the same development opportunities for our teachers. Every educator has a next-step in their lifelong journey of becoming an expert learner.

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