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Chia-Hsin (Jessica) Lin



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Since 2019, it has become a requirement for most Taiwanese students to prepare their own e-portfolios for college applications according to the requirement of a newly enacted curriculum guideline. The main purpose is not only to keep a record of students' learning but also to help them explore their interests and strengths. However, after more than four years, many high school students at my school still struggle to create well-organized e-portfolios that effectively showcase their learning progress. The files must be related to their learning in the semester and explain what they really learn and reflect on the subject and topic. However, based on my review, only a few meet the necessary criteria. Many files seem to be the records of a specific activity, but not of a lesson or a curriculum. They don’t appear to meet the purpose of e-portpolio, yet it takes time to conduct and plays a role in students’ college applicaiton. While the e-portfolio concept is promising, its implementation proves to be challenging, time-consuming, and less beneficial. Despite the policy constraints, my goal is to assist students in effectively utilizing e-portfolios to track their learning experiences and gain clarity on their future academic pursuits. This will help them understand what and how they learn, potentially guiding their decisions on future majors. On the other hand, the professors or committee members of college admission could select students by examining the e-portfolios.

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