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Changkul Lee


South Korea

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1. Challenges in Supporting Developing Countries like Cambodia and Nepal: - Poor Network and Equipment Setup: Developing countries often struggle with inadequate infrastructure, hindering access to technology and resources. - Lack of Motivation Among Educational Leaders: Educational leaders in these countries may lack motivation due to various factors like limited resources and support systems. - Difficulties with Verbal Communication: Language barriers pose challenges for effective communication and collaboration between Korean educators and local communities. 2. Recruiting and Educating Retired Korean Teachers: - Start with family, colleagues, and friends who want to volunteer, and then build a systematic outreach and education program. - Training Programs: Provide comprehensive training sessions for Korean teachers focusing on Google Tools, cross-cultural communication, adapting teaching methodologies, and understanding local contexts. - Cultural Sensitivity Training: Include modules on cultural sensitivity and understanding the local educational landscape to ensure effective interaction and collaboration with local educators and communities.

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