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Caitlin McLemore


Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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My school has a library that is well-resourced with books, both electronic and print, and other digital resources (newspaper subscriptions, research databases, etc.). However, these resources are underutilized, especially as students progress through the middle and upper school grades. The library often sits empty, and circulation numbers are abysmal - students aren’t reading books. Yet, there are so many benefits to reading - not just what is assigned for class, or chapters in a textbook, but for fun. Books expose readers to diverse experiences and perspectives, building community and empathy. Additionally, using library resources can help students be successful digital age learners. Students who don’t use library resources may have trouble discerning fact from fiction, or may unintentionally plagiarize while doing research. Digital citizenship and information literacy are critical components of digital age learning - and the library is the place to help teach these skills.

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