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Byeongsun Yoo


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My challenge is to make my classroom more self-motivated and enjoyable through sufficient and specific feedback from teachers and more individualized learning with more than 200 students. In my school, I am in charge of 232 students in 8 classes. It is an environment where in-depth classes cannot be conducted. Even if I plan and conduct a long period project, which requires advanced and individualized learning, it is hard for students to participate in the class. As most of the teachers are overwhelmed with paperwork and other things, some teachers make light of the class. Naturally, teachers are forced to choose lecture-style classes that are more delivered easily. Moreover, COVID-19 has made it difficult to talk in the classroom and hurt a student’s chances of asking questions and getting adequate feedback. This again leads to a rush of students into the field of private education, which seems to have accelerated the fall of the teaching authority and the collapse of classrooms in Korea. As a result, it is worried that schools will eventually become institutions that issue diplomas for entrance exams. There is already a strong tendency in our society to judge a student’s school life only based on the results of his/her admission to a prestigious university regardless of his/her learning attitude or contribution. However, I think that schools should be a place that both teachers and students constantly ask, interact, and grow each other. Consequently, I come to have a strong question about whether our education is going in the right direction.

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