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Bung Tran Vu Nguyen



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A profound challenge I witness in education revolves around the accessibility and inclusion of students and educators with visual impairments. This resonates deeply after meeting with the dedicated staff of Nguyen Dinh Chieu, a special school for blind students in Vietnam. Their ten blind teachers exemplify the resilience and resourcefulness required to overcome extraordinary barriers. Currently, teachers at schools for the blind face monumental tasks in developing their own textbooks due to a lack of accessible resources. The critical gap lies in the absence of tools that could empower students with visual impairments to visualize and interact with content beyond mere text descriptions. This significantly limits their ability to engage with subjects like science, geography, or history, where visual representation is crucial for understanding complex concepts. The challenges faced within this school highlight a systemic issue. Vietnam has an estimated 2 million visually impaired individuals, all of whom struggle to access essential educational and digital resources. This lack of inclusion not only hinders their learning potential but also limits their participation in an increasingly digital world. Digital skills are becoming essential for employment, social interaction, and independent living. Without accessible tools and training, individuals with visual impairments risk being left behind, further widening the gap of opportunity and equity in our society.

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