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Ben Moore


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Time. Teaching and support staff time is precious. I have recently started a new role as a Technology Support Officer leading strategic implementation in the classroom and beyond. My first point of call was to go and speak to staff and ask what their daily gripes were. Countless times I heard the same thing, that "time is the biggest impact on my job". I asked what do you mean? The response was overwhelming. Staff felt that they have not got enough time in the day to complete the things that they need and want to be able to do. Whether that is admin work, spending more time with the students, safeguarding matters, CPD, training or even having something called a break... I came from a teaching role last year and the reason I left was workload constraints. I was shocked by just how many people felt the same way. This is something that must change. I feel a duty to the staff working in my schools, my trust and further afield to attempt to develop a solution to resolve even partially this widespread issue. I feel we must take action now to avoid any further staffing shortages in the future which ultimately negatively impacts on our students' outcomes.

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