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Astrid Chiri



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In Peru, where studies show a high prevalence of anxiety and depression among students, particularly in vulnerable populations, schools have a crucial role in promoting positive mental health and well-being. Technology, when used strategically, could be a powerful tool to support students in dealing with emotional and socio-affective issues. On a daily basis, I meet with school principals who feel reluctant to improve more technology in their schools because they see it as a potential enemy for them. They prioritize socio-emotional support and while I feel this is very relevant , I wish I could help them see how technology could help them address the issue. Most students use technology at home, and some have access to it at schools. But the discussion always comes up. While there are admins who strongly believe that a more techy school could face this challenge properly, many other authorities refuse to embrace technoloy since they do not see how it might cater to this situation. Technology is helping people solve great and complex problems in several fields. I wish we could also provide schools with the ensurance they need that we could use it to handle this very important situation.

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