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Andy Meyers


Fairfield, California, USA

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We need to stop addressing teacher self-care with a “top hat” model. Teachers arrive at school with a laundry list of things to do before, during and after the bells ring. “Breaks” are filled with school duties. Who has the time for EXTRA self-care activities, during and after school, when you can’t find 5 minutes to go to the bathroom? The day ends and the list is still there with additional after school necessities. Netflix doesn't recharge the batteries like we would hope. Teachers are not teaching to their full potential if they are constantly stressed out, burned out and in survival mode. Additionally, students cannot reach their greatest potential if they are not getting the best of their teachers. Teachers are too exhausted to do anything restorative after school, which leads to them feeling unprepared and stressed out during school. This does not seem beneficial for either party.

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