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Amie Williams


Gisborne, Poverty Bay, New Zealand

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I've been the crazy-dancer, taking on new digital learning and meeting the challenge. I've been the classroom teacher, overwhelmed by the needs and interests of 30 amazing learners. I've been the mum, watching her child lose interest week after week, at school. Now, I'm the facilitator, trying to support teachers in flipping their mindset about technology integration and supporting them in developing empowering ways of using digital technologies so that learning is visible and rewindable, and breaks down the walls of the classroom. The potential is huge. But teachers are tired. And overwhelmed. While there are many great resources both in our classrooms and in our beautiful, abundant community, there are teachers who are just too busy, or tired, or too bound by curriculum constraints to see how visible and rewindable learning could motivate their learners and bring the fun back into learning. I've been there. I want to help.

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