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Amanda Moody


Wentzville, Missouri, USA

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Good educators don’t only work with students in hopes that they will be critical-thinkers and creative-problem solvers: we aspire to form students into the type of people we want in our society. It’s no surprise my school district invests resources in educational programs to support positive behaviors, mental health, and digital wellness/citizenship. If we want these efforts to be sustainable we need our community. We have accomplished meaningful goals in the classroom but without strong modeling and support from all of our students’ families, friends, neighbors, community, and other stakeholders, we don’t always keep the ground we make. My district is struggling to see our initiates consistently modeled in our community when our students leave for the day and breaks. This is a challenge that impacts many. This challenge is meaningful at its core: it’s about growing kind, aware, accepting, healthy, and responsible global-minded individuals.

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