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Alfonso Mendoza



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As a son of immigrant parents who only spoke Spanish, I realize now the huge disadvantage that my parents had in helping me make sure that I always do what is right so that I do not leave a bad impression in anything that I may be involved in. My parents had to overcome many obstacles because they did not have any formal education and much less any information on how to speak to me about proper behavior and what is acceptable or not acceptable. Today as an Instructional Technologist for my district I see an all too familiar story through a familiar lens, however, this problem has been magnified and multiplied exponentially in today's current digital age. I now have the opportunity to work with parents that feel as though they are at a disadvantage when it comes to helping their children, incapable in building and instilling positive values in behaving appropriately in a digital world, and powerless in protecting their children's digital footprint. Parents are in constant communication with me requesting resources that they can comprehend, to equip themselves to understand current digital concepts, values, and ideals, so that they can then empower their children to protect their digital footprint as in our rapidly growing digital environment. My heart breaks as these scenarios are reminiscent of my experience as a child when my parents tried to do the same for me.

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