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Alfonso Juan Mangubat


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Many schools and teachers have talked about 21st century learning, student-centered environments, authentic and purposeful assessments, inquiry and concept-based learning, and collaboration. These big ideas are the buzzwords many teachers and schools love to throw around, to entice new teachers and even parents. However, these buzzwords are just words and do not necessarily translate into pedagogy, teacher and student behavior, as well as development. These words are just place holders in the classroom to entice and capture attention but not necessarily applied in teaching and learning. This matters because many teaches would like to understand and apply these skills inside their classrooms. However, there is no consistency or practical example of what it looks like inside the classroom. Hence making it difficult to implement and use properly to help students grow as learners. Furthermore, this challenge matters because students are entering a rapidly changing world that requires them acquire skills necessary for lifelong learning and growth.

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