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Adele Leccia


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In Italy we are all in everyone's class there are no special schools: the disabled, dyslexics disorder (DSA) are in the classroom together with other students with no difficulties. So how can we be truly inclusive when in a class of 25/28 students we have about 10 dyslexics and 2 or 4 students with disabilities mixed together with others? How can we effectively reach everyone with topics and capture their attention making them play an active role in the educational process? In addition to all the papers that a teacher must write for students with special needs, the greatest difficulties are the inclusion within the class since each student (I mean all of them) has their own personal story, a different family background and their own needs. How can we combine different learning styles and the individual needs? How can we be truly inclusive when there is so much diversity in all classes? I hope to be able to solve this challenge in the Innovator academy!

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